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Blake Peters

Blake fell into fitness at 15 years old when his parents signed up for a family Lifetime Fitness pass. He hit the gym throughout high school armed with insight from men’s fitness and health magazines and a goal of building muscle.

Blake was inspired by the trainers at the gym and realized his passion for the form and physical function of the human body in kinesiology and anatomy classes his last year of high school leading him to the University of Minnesota-Duluth where he earned a BAS and exercise science and a minor in psychology as well as a healthy understanding of what his body needed physically and nutrition-wise after a period of not working out or caring about what he ate. The negative consequences made him re-evaluate his health goals.

During college, Blake worked for a group home in Duluth – helping vulnerable adults was an incredible experience that opened many doors on his career path. During his time at the home Blake earned both his group exercise certification and his personal trainer certificate. Soon after, he was hired as a trainer for UMD.

Blake also interned at the Duluth YMCA, and after graduation began working there teaching group fitness classes and personal training. Blake is currently working on building his client base in Duluth and aspires to one day own his own gym.

Blake works with clients to create well-rounded fitness goals. He applies the same standards to his own fitness plan whether he’s training for full and half marathons that he participates in around the country, or bodybuilding for strength and size.

Outside of the gym you’ll find Blake hunting, fishing, longboarding, and hiking he’d like to complete all of the Lake Superior Hiking Trail and climb all 53 mountain peaks in Colorado that are 14,000 feet or more in elevation. In his spare time he would love to travel with and train an actor or artist.

Blake’s hope is that he can create a legitimate place for fitness and health information that is open to everyone who is serious about leading a healthy lifestyle. “With persistence and motivation I believe anyone can accomplish any goal they set out to complete.”

Blake Peters

Blake Peters


Certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor Yoga Strong Certified TRX - Suspension Training Course (STC) Strength Train Together Certified (MOSSA Group Power) Diatbetes Prevention Certified CPR Certified CPI (Crisis Prevention and Intervention) BAS Exercise Science University Minnesota Duluth