My Journey in Fitness Past to Present 6.26.2022

The Beginning

Spring Break 2011

As a kid I was an average athlete in hockey and lacrosse. Growing up in White Bear Lake, Minnesota there was always good competition, which I believe formed me into a visual learner. I learned by what skills I saw others perform to make my body perform better. Around the time I was 15 my parents got a membership at Lifetime Fitness. This was a pivotal point in my life where I began my curiosity in fitness by watching the trainers and other members workout. As long as I can remember I learned from what I saw others doing and learned to apply those skills to better myself. Prior to that I had some weight equipment and a treadmill I would use from workouts in Men’s health and Men’s Fitness magazines. As my curiosity grew I was able to test out this new found passion in high school by taking human anatomy and kinesiology. Not only did I enjoy it but I wanted to dive deeper and figure out how to be like the trainers I looked up to at Lifetime.

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